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The Ship of Dreams: Tales from Titanic

Professional Stunt woman Lucy Allen’s fascination with Titanic began as a young girl watching the classic television programme “Upstairs, Downstairs” which featured an episode all about the sinking of the great ocean liner ‘Titanic’. In 1996 she was one of 4 British Stunt Women chosen to go and work on the major motion picture ‘Titanic’ being filmed in Rosarito, Mexico. She went out for 10 days but came back to the UK 21 weeks later as a ‘Titanic survivor’ having managed, (just), to survive the shoot. This talk is about our endless fascination with tragic Titanic, The Ship of Dreams. Tales of the passengers it carried and what went wrong on that fateful April night of 1912. She ‘spills the beans’ about what it was really like to be involved in the 1997 Oscar winning film, working with the famously demanding Director, James Cameron, & performing Stunts in the huge set pieces of action you see on the screen.

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